What are the considerations for PCB board colors



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What are the considerations for PCB board colors

When it comes to the color of PCB boards, the most obvious thing to notice when receiving a PCB board is the color of the oil on the board, which is generally referred to as the color of the PCB board. Common colors include green, blue, red, and black, among others. Below is the explanation of different colors.

1.Green ink is the most widely used and longest-standing color for PCB boards. It is also the most  cost-saving in the current market, so many manufacturers use green as the main color for their products.

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2. Usually, the entire PCB board production process involves processes such as PCB fabrication and SMT. During PCB fabrication, several processes must pass through the exposure/yellow light room. Green has a better effect in the yellow light room compared to other colors, but that is not the main reason. During SMT for soldering components, the PCB board goes through processes like solder paste application, component placement, and final AOI inspection with calibration. Having a green base color helps with the instrument's recognition effectiveness in optical positioning calibration.

3. Common PCB colors include red, yellow, green, blue, and black. Due to manufacturing processes and other factors, quality inspection of many traces still relies on human visual inspection and identification (though most now use flying probe testing technology). Staring at the board under strong light continuously is quite a strenuous task. In this scenario, green is the least harmful to the eyes, which is why most manufacturers use green PCBs.

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4. Blue and black PCBs contain cobalt and carbon elements respectively, providing certain conductivity. There might be short circuit issues when powering up these boards. In comparison, green PCBs are more environmentally friendly and usually do not release toxic gases when used in high-temperature environments.

There are some manufacturers in the market that use black PCB boards as well. The main reasons for this, in the author's opinion, are twofold: firstly, black looks more high-end, and the wiring on black boards is less visible, making it more challenging for reverse engineering. It is noted that nowadays, most Android embedded boards are using black PCBs.

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5. Since the mid to late 20th century, the industry has started to pay attention to the color of PCB boards because many big manufacturers use green PCB board designs, leading people to believe that a green PCB color signifies a high-end product.

Considering all factors, it is generally believed that adopting green PCBs is better under normal circumstances.

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