Box Bulid&Mechanics Assembly

As a global Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider, ANKE has been playing an active and competent role in the entire process from PCB production, component sourcing, PCB assembly, testing to electronics packaging and shipping to focus on the specific needs of customers .


Box Build Assembly Service

Box build service cover such a wide range of items that it will be different every time when different people need it. It can be as simple as putting an electronic system into a simple enclosure with an interface or display, or as complex as the integration of a system containing thousands of individual components or sub-assemblies. In a word, the assembled product can be sold directly.


Box Build Assembly Capacity

We offer turnkey and custom box build assembly products and services, including:

• Cable assemblies;

• Wiring harnesses;

• High level integration and assembly of high mix, high complexity products;

• Electro-mechanical assemblies;

• Low-cost and high-quality component sourcing;

• Environmental testing and functional test;

• Custom Packaging