PCB Material

PCB Material

In order to meet the different types of circuit board needs of customers all over the world, ANKE PCB is pleased to offer the comprehensive range of standard and specialized laminate and substrate materials to suit your specific application requirements.


These general materials will be as follow categories:

> 94V0

> CEM1

> FR4

> Aluminum substrates

> PI/Polymide


We provide not only general material as above, but also offer some special materials PCB production, such as:

Metal PCB Teflon PCB Ceramic PCB High Temperature(High TG) PCB High Frequency(HF) PCB Halogen free PCB Aluminum base(Al) PCB


In order to ensure the quality of the PCB, and our PCB materials are well-known brands, such as:

Kingboard Shengyi ITEQ Rogers Nanya Isola Nelco Arlon Taconic Panasonic