EMC Analysis

Electro Magnetic Compatibility includes electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic susceptibility (EMS). The board-level EMC design adopts the idea of focusing on origin control, and measures are taken from the design stage, combining with signal integrity analysis, to troubleshoot the EMC problem in single boards with external interfaces, and products that cannot be completely shielded, board-level EMC design cannot be replaced by any other EMC measures. whilist achieve the purpose of shorten the development cycle and reduce the production cost.

EMC Design

  • Stackup and impedance control
  • Module division and layout
  • Priority wiring for power and special signal
  • Interface protection and filtering design
  • Split with tandem, shielding and isolation

EMC Improvement

A rectification plan is proposed for the problems found in the EMC test of customer products, mainly starting from the three elements of interference source, sensitive equipment and coupling path, combined with the problems shown in the actual test, put up suggestions, and make actions

EMC Verification

Assist customers to complete a series of EMC tests of products, and offer recommendation for problems encountered.