Supply Chian Overview

You expect reliable and reliable source to obtain the best price, quality and service. These sources will operate their business in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations and the highest moral norms. ANKE's supply chain management (SCM) function sharing these same goals. You will be able to access our text -level procurement, procurement and supply chain professionals. They ensure your success through customer -centric policies, processes and procedures to meet your plan requirements and timetables, while promoting highly compliance and discipline.

We closely cooperate with you to understand the needs, and then use our powerful SCM process and best practice to recommend the most suitable materials and service providers for your needs. ANKE represents you performance:

• Comprehensive choice and qualification evaluation

• Suppliers to end audit, control and compliance guarantee

• Closed-loop monitoring via integrated supplier rating systems with regular reviews.

At the same time, we seek to establish long -term cooperative relationships with suppliers recognized by the world, so that we can continuously reduce the total cost of acquisition and supply chain complexity, while still maintaining the highest level of quality and delivery level.

Intensive and comprehensive supplier relationship management (SRM) programme and ERP systems were employed to follow up the sourcing process. In addition to strict supplier selection and monitoring, there has been substantial investment in people, equipment and process development to make sure the quality. We have strict incoming inspection, including X-ray, microscopes, electrical comparators.