THT Technology

THT Technology

Thru-hole technology, also called “through-hole”, refers to the mounting scheme used for electronic components that involves the use of leads on the components that are inserted into holes drilled in printed circuit boards (PCB) and soldered to pads on the opposite side either by manual assembly/ manual soldering or by the use of automated insertion mount machines.

With over 80 experienced IPC-A-610 trained workforce in hand assembly and hand soldering of components, we are able to offer a consistently high quality products within required lead time.

With both leaded and lead free soldering we have no-clean, solvent, ultrasonic and aqueous cleaning processes available. In addition to offering the all types of through-hole assembly, Conformal coating can be available for final finishing of the product.

When prototyping, design engineers often prefer larger through holes to surface mount components because they can be easily used with breadboard sockets. However, high-speed or high-frequency designs may require SMT technology to minimize stray inductance and capacitance in the wires, which can impair circuit functionality. Even in the prototype stage of the design, the ultra-compact design may dictate the SMT structure.

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